Thursday, January 19, 2012

Asking Yourself "How Can I Make Money Online?" Here Are 3 Answers About How to Earn Money Online

Have you ever asked yourself "How can I make money online" and only heard silence? Well I can tell you that you are not alone and even I at one time was asking how can I make money online. If you think you are stuck or just aren't sure what is real, I'll give you a few suggestions on ways to earn money online.

When you ask yourself "How do I make money online?", think of these options:

Internet Marketing - This is considered one of the more difficult ways to earn money online but when it comes to making enough to provide you with a good living, it can be done with Internet marketing. When people ask me "how can I make money online" I always start out with this method but I have to warn you this is usually a 180 degree change in what you are doing now. You need to ask yourself, "Would I change careers if I could make more money". If the answer is yes, than Internet marketing might be for you.
Taking Surveys - Now when I started wondering how can I make money online, this is what I thought of first. I figured if I could get enough surveys I could easily earn money at home to support myself. What I found was that you can earn money with surveys but many times they don't produce enough income to live off of. With that being said, they a great way to earn money because they do offer more money than other methods, they are totally free, and you can do them in your free time. It is entirely feasible to make $30 or $50 extra dollars a month with very little time.
Click For Pay - Now this is one method that I use from time to time but is not what I think of when I ask myself how can I make money online. Many times this method uses your time to browse ads. I'm not talking about those shady sites that pay you to click on their Google ads (which is against Google's agreements) but a place where people post an advertisement and pay the site to display them to viewers. To be a viewer is free, but at $0.01 an ad, it doesn't pay much and I only do this when I really have nothing else to do.

When you are asking yourself "how can I make money online" be sure you check out these three methods. They are all free although some pay better than others. Internet marketing is my Go-To method when I need to earn money. Surveys allowed me to pay for training and learning of anything I need to help me get better at Internet marketing, and click for pay may pay very little, but allows me do other things in the background.

Now I have created a website that can help you get started making money online. Visit and discover many free ways to earn money online. I even have a webpage I made about how can I make money online with the sites that I earned the most money from that require very little work.

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