Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Can I Make Money Online? Your Questions Answered

A little afraid of the economy or perhaps you are nervous about being laid off or down-sized. Many new entrepreneur like minded people are considering starting a online home business and are asking this question, How can I make money online? In this article we are going to explore some different methods you can implement to help you build a solid foundation for your new business and start making money online quickly.
Many online Gurus, or marketing savvy entrepreneurs would like you to believe that starting an online business is easy, and requires little planning. Nothing could be farther from the truth, if you are serious on learning how you can make money online get this thought out of your mind immediately. Yes, there are great riches to be found on the Internet but it requires you to be motivated, dedicated and a risk taker. Any attribute you find with a traditional successful business owner, applies to making money online.
How can I make money online technique #1:
Try direct sales to earn money online. Direct sales is a little different than traditional MLM in that you are not building a downline, but rather selling a one-time product to help your customer take care of his/her problem. Similar to having a brick and mortar, but it is online. You would need to develop a website capable of accepting payments online and your website would need the ability to sell when a potential customer visits your site. This business model can be profitable, think of it in terms of the California gold rush. Few prospectors ever made any money, but the people supplying the shovels, picks and such did very well. The key when entering this business model is to have a product that will really satisfy their problem, identify this problem and provide a solution.
How can I make money online technique #2:
Affiliate marketing is another great way to start your online business. With this business model, you are selling someone elses product and then receiving a portion of that sale in the form of a commission. Most companies utilizing affiliates to sell their products or services have a marketing system in place. You can simply plug into this system I.E., capture pages, websites, auto responders, pre-written ads and more to get off to a fast start. Just remember that you would not be the only affiliate using the existing marketing system. Thousands of other affiliates would also be doing the same. This can hurt you in your marketing efforts, by not allowing you to stand out from the crowd. If this business model is attractive to you, try a mix. Use the companies system and add in some of your own by building a blog, doing video and article marketing and utilizing social media sites.
How can I make money online technique #3:
Traditional MLM. Yes this can strike fear into the hearts of many online marketing newbies, but MLM is still one of the strongest and most successful business models on the Internet. The Internet has allowed the average person to get their opportunity, or product in front of thousands if not millions. This was a luxury that old school MLMers did not have. Of course with traditional MLM, you are trying to build a downline and then get your downline to duplicate your efforts. This is the best way I know of to leverage your time and profits, residual income can be exciting. Look for opportunities that offer products or services you are already familiar with or are involved with. What do you do for a hobby?, what books do you read,? what excites you?. Before joining a MLM opportunity ask lots of questions and see how fast they respond to you, the quicker, the shows they care about your success. Join a team that has a successful upline with their own proven marketing system developed by the upline in place. These MLM companies will offer a scaled down system, but rarely is it effective or proven.
Making money online requires focus and hard work. You must stick with it, and refuse to quit no matter what obstacles you encounter. The road to success is not a destination, but rather a journey.
To your success,
Gerald Stidham

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