Saturday, January 14, 2012

How can I Make Money Online with Google - 5 Ways to Profit From Google's Popularity

Want to start earning a living online? Then you've probably asked yourself 'How can I make money online with Google?'. There are dozens of ways, but I'll stick to the 5 main ones for the purpose of this article.

1) AdSense

You know those little text ads that appear on some websites saying 'Ads by Google' at the top? That's AdSense. In essence, every time a visitor to a site clicks on one of these ads, the owner of the site receives money from Google. Most of the time this will only be a few cents per click, but there are some very high paying ads as well that can bring in as much as $10 per click.

To profit from this technique you'll need an AdSense account and a blog or website where you can publish those ads. Make sure you read the rules, big G is known to close AdSense accounts for small infringements and getting your account back can prove difficult. So when in doubt, check internet marketing forums or ask the Google helpdesk first.

2) Blogger

Wondering 'How can I make money online with Google AdSense if I don't own a website?' Easy, get a free Blogger blog. Made by, you guessed it, Google. Integrating AdSense in this blog only takes a few clicks. So there's no need to learn any HTML or start copying and pasting code.

Blogger blogs are easy to set up and customize. There are thousands of free templates available, so giving it your own unique style will be a breeze. As is adding images, videos and all kinds of funny widgets.

3) Google affiliate network

Even though AdSense is the most popular or at least best known way to make money online with Google, big G has started its own affiliate network a while back. And it keeps adding merchants on a monthly basis. Currently they have 17 pages of advertisers in about 40 different categories.

With affiliate marketing you receive a commission when you send a visitor to the advertiser's site and that visitor performs a certain action. This action could be anything from making a purchase to asking a free sample or filling out a form.

A commission can vary from a few cents to a few dozen dollars.

4) SEO services

A site that's on the number 1 spot in the Google search results typically receives more visitors than the paid spots in the search results. Naturally, site owners will want to rank their site as high as possible to earn more money.

If you know a bit about search engine optimization or SEO, you could offer your services to site owners and get paid well for helping their site rank high in the search results. Obviously this isn't a set and forget business. And you will have to actively search for site or business owners that could profit from your services.

5) Google checkout

Running an online shop? Did you know there's life beyond PayPal's high fees and strict rules? It's called Google checkout. This online payment processor is just as easy to use as PayPal. The big advantage is that you can offer an extra payment option to your customers. Trust me, not everybody likes to use PayPal, so you could be losing out big time by only offering their checkout process.

Well, those were just 5 answers to your question 'How can I make money online with Google?' When starting your online business, it's important to be aware of the scams and pitfalls, and find out any legit ways to make money online with Google. Check out my website here to find all the necessary research in one place.

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