Thursday, January 5, 2012

How Can You Make Money Online - A Practical Guide

Not many people really want to share the truth about making money online and the practical ways to go about doing it. If you are open to the idea of how can you make money online, I can share with you 2 practical things you can do:
(1) Sell Your Own Product Online

(2) Be an affiliate and sell other people's products
There are many ways one can earn money online such as playing stocks and so on. However, you may not be aware that one of the best & practical ways to make a considerable amount of cash on the Internet is actually through Option (1): Selling your own product.
The reason is simple: You get to keep 100% of your profits every time you make a sale.
As an affiliate, you will get to earn a handsome commission in the range between 50% - 75%. Well it's not too bad but you will get a better deal if the product is yours and all the profits only go into your pocket.
In order to illustrate the benefits, let me give you an example:
Assuming that you sold one $200 product everyday, you get 50% of the commission as an affiliate. That is equal to $100 commission per day.

Affiliate Earnings
1 Day = $100

1 Month (30 days) = $3,000

1 Year (365) = $36, 000
Product Owner Earnings

1 Day = $200

1 Month = $6,000

1 Year = $72, 000
Did you see that? As a product owner, you would have earned 2 times of an affiliate income in just 1 year!
With a faster rate of earning money, you can better use the money and time to fast forward to the life which you have always wanted.
There is another plus point that you are selling your own products i.e. you can garner the force of the Affiliate Marketers to help you drive traffic to your site.
However, in order to be successful, it is more prudent not to jump the gun if you are new to the concept of marketing. We should not create our own product just because we want to do it. Rather it's more important to learn the ropes of Internet Marketing first before creating and selling your own product.
As a practical guide, you should follow the system:
1) Learn how to find starving niche markets that have a problem that you can bring solutions to. Creating a product which nobody wants to buy is not only a waste of time but also not helping anybody as the problem may not exist at all. It is always important to find a potential market, build your website and test it by selling affiliate products. Start sending traffic to your site and see if people do buy. If they don't, then you can test by changing to another affiliate product to see the market demand and you decide from there.
2) Once sales start coming in, you can go on to create a better value-added product to help satisfy the niche market. In the event that sales are poor and you have invested a lot of effort and there are no results to show for it, it may be a better idea to try another market.
3) Research in other markets and repeat the process above until some buyers can be found.

Not making sales is not the end of the world. Starting off as an affiliate is a better idea than creating a product as an aspiring Internet Marketer.

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