Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Can I Make Money Online Writing Articles - 5 Simple Steps to Article Marketing

Have you ever wondered "How can I make money online writing articles"? There are many internet marketers making a killing just by advertising products using the power of article marketing. Article marketing is writing articles about a topic and then guiding your readers to perform a specific action such as click through to a landing page, sign up for a free course or downloading something from your website.

Usually you would want your readers to perform that specific action so that you get some type of commission out of it. If you have your readers to click through to a landing page then your goal would be for them to buy that product. You get paid a certain amount of commission from each and every sale you make.

How Can I Make Money Online Writing Articles - Becoming an Affiliate

There is certain stuff you need to be aware of. The first thing is that you need to become an affiliate for what ever product you would want to promote within your articles. Affiliate programs are all over the internet for almost every thing you see online and off line too. Big retail stores such as Walmart and Target offer affiliate programs through what are called Affiliate Networks such as,, and

How Can I Make Money Online Writing Articles - How Affiliate Networks Work

Walmart's affiliate program is managed by So if you go the the Walmart's website and click on Affiliate program down the bottom of the page you will be redirected to to complete your registration as an affiliate. Or, you can sign up to or any of the above affiliate networks directly and find a huge list of great sites and stores you could promote products for. is the easiest network to work with since you get accepted right away and they have more than 10,000 products to promote. They only host electronic products such as e-books and membership sites but what I like the most is that you can find very high commissions such as 75% per sale.

How Can I Make Money Online Writing Articles - My Strategy

Let me share with you a set of simple steps I use for each and every campaign I launch when promoting a product either from Walmart or (or any other type of product).

1. Market Research. You need to know who you are promoting for. Who is most interested on this product.

2. Keyword Research. Find out what are the keywords or phrases these people are entering on the search engines such as

3. Article Writing. Do not make your articles a sales pitch. Write to your readers providing them with good quality information.

4. Publishing. Submit your articles to article directories such as or so that people find your content.

5. Repeat. Keep moving forward. Do not expect to start making millions with just one article promoting just one product. Keep those articles coming, the more you have out there the more chances you will have to make more money online.

My name is Veronica Escobar and I would like to show you how to use the power of article writing to build a nice income online. I go through extensive detail on the above steps in my five day mini course.

Sign up for free at By the end of the course you would have learned how to find keywords or phrases that convert, effective article writing techniques and you will be bringing targeted traffic to your pages for better conversion rate.

Thank you and I hope to see you inside.

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